On being in Norway as a military photographer

In Norway, I was tasked to make training film of military equipment operating under winter warfare conditions – short clips of, for example, modified grenades that didn’t sink into the snow, sledges adapted for transporting anti-tank weapons, winter engine covers for helicopters and so on. Cold intense work involving a lot of contact with different types of... Continue Reading →

The Fleshpots of Singapore

Returned from front line service in Borneo, already wearing my hard won GSM medal ribbon, and now a hard-bitten decorated veteran of the laundry and bath unit, I launched myself with unbridled enthusiasm onto the fleshpots of Singapore. The rich cultural heritage of a noble island race was as nought to the likes of me... Continue Reading →

A Riotous time in Belfast – 1970 (clic on the photographs to enlarge the image)

Unity Flats was the rather ironic name given to a brutal 60’s style complex of catholic apartments, planted, more in hope than expectation, at a junction close to the Protestant Shankill Road. By the late 60’s when the Catholic civil liberties agenda had erupted into inter-community violence, it was quite possibly one of the most... Continue Reading →

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