Odds and Sods

crab meat


A Chinese Banquet with the Chinese Ambassador



nupe badge



The Union Ballot – a poem.



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Twinkle Egan, Barrister, remembered



charity shop map edinburgh


Edinburgh Charity Shops





The Alzheimer’s Carer




Gerry Kelly



Gerry Kelly S.C. – a memoir







The night I met Elvis







Pinterest could be for you!



Willow Glen - Snow the cat


I ran over the cat




mike o'donnelll's image of casement



Forward to Mike O’Donnell’s poem/play, Roger Casement’s 1916



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Peter McGuiggan and C battery 78 Bde in world war 1Death of a soldier at the battle of Arras




yosser hughes


Do you remember Yosser Hughes


poppy field


In Flanders Fields – translated into Irish



Crossing the Bridge by Rob Hain



Artistic approaches to the Forth Railway Bridge


Lee Guk Hyun.


Veiled by Lee Guk Hyun A recently purchased disturbing painting


Joyce house ushers quay


Dinner at the House of the Dead





RTE have tarnished the Presidency





You will grow to hate Dublin Taxis