Little stories of life



On being a boy in 1950’s Gibraltar: Fond memories of being the son of a soldier



Toton Primary School Nottinghamshire

Toton Primary School Nottinghamshire


Revenge and the Winter of Discontent:Getting my own back  on a brutal headmaster at my Nottinghamshire Primary   School





Recruit Platoon Junior Leaders RAOC


Joining up: Joining the Royal Army Ordnance Corps as a Junior Leader



98 OMP Bath Unit, Borneo


Borneo – a clean war?With the Laundry and Bath Unit at war



brothels of singapore


The Fleshpots of Singapore A soldiers view of the bars and brothel’s of Singapore



16mm projector


A Cinema experience in Borneo A military cinema in the jungles of Borneo





With the Americans in Thailand – 1960’s a brief posting to an American Air Base involved in the Vietnam War.






The Little sods from the 1st Monchen Gladbach Scout troop    






Upon being an Exhibit of Bueys (A Ruskin experience)



christine keelor



Queens School Rheindalen and the Profumo affair







Buying Thatchers Family Home for the Working Class




Marigold Hotel


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Native servants (A reflection on native servants)




Oxford book shop_NEW


Oxford Book Shop Strike (Blackwells)



Lee Guk Hyun.


Veiled by Lee Guk Hyun A recently purchased disturbing painting



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Miners Strike – Nottingham – 1984




Louis Brody


The Black guy who took on Nottingham City CouncilNottingham s first public sector racial discrimination case





Training to be a Military photographer with the Royal Navy:







The Loyal Toast – Polish General SiKorski





Age related macular degeneration and me




Shankill Road, Belfast



A riot in Belfast



Shirehall Nottingham


Winter of Discontent and the Nottingham Shirehall: A strike story from the winter of discontent 1978/79







On being in Norway as a Military Photographer:Adventures with a camera in Norway





White women: The effect of white women on soldiers in singapore