The Fascists are coming…

The fascists are coming.  New fascists, authoritarian, intolerant, ruthless. They will not be wearing brown shirts, nor, for Ireland, blue shirts*.  They will be clad in shirts of hemp, or perhaps suits of hemp; possibly green hemp, or maybe blue; not jackboots but comfortable footwear, eco-friendly, non-leather, organic.  They will be of the state, by... Continue Reading →

With his long hair and gentle ways. The first anniversary of Gavan’s passing.

I flinch from cancer stories, avert my eyes, turn my head.  Avoid.  If it's on the radio I turn down the sound, on the TV, I change the channel.   It is all too painful, I fear I will be overwhelmed. I frequently am overwhelmed.  I have, we all have, lost friends, close friends, comrades, co-worker’s, family to cancer.  It has... Continue Reading →

Aye Elvis.

I went to see “Aye, Elvis”.   It was such good fun. It’s a  musical.  So poignant ,  I laughed tears and wept at the pathos.   A Scottish woman, leading desperately lonely life, looking after her wheelchair bound mother, working for next to nothing as a checkout girl at the local supermarket, not well educated but... Continue Reading →

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