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Review of AUD by Xander Clayton – The story of a German Navy attempt to smuggle arms to Ireland for the Easter Rising.



Book coverReview of Roger Casement Biography; Jeffrey Dudgeon’s definitive biography of Casement


Dream of the celt


Dream of the Celt by Mario Vargas Llosaa review of his book on Casement




slave market 2



The Last Slave Market by Alistair Hazella review





Blood on the Streets by Paul O’Brien – a review






Review of Irish Peacock and the Scarlet Marquess




mutiny book cover



Review of the Curragh Mutiny by Paul O’Brien




Crossfire-The Battle of the Four Courts by Paul O'Brien, published by New Island: ISBN 9781848401297


Review of Crossfire – the 1916 battle for the Fourcourts by Paul O’Brien






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