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Private Christopher Coleman

A Corkman dies on the Somme:One of the most powerful condolence letters ever written from the front line of the Great War

Toton Primary School Nottinghamshire

Toton Primary School Nottinghamshire



Revenge and the Winter of Discontent:Getting my own back  on a brutal headmaster at my Nottinghamshire Primary   School



Norway exercises




On being in Norway as a Military Photographer:Adventures with a camera in Norway




On being a boy in 1950’s Gibraltar: Fond memories of being the son of a soldier




A review of the play -Deepcut- four soldiers shot themselves with their owFn weapons at this RAOC depot


SF Colour



In some forgotten corner of a foreign field: The story of the Sherwood Foresters role in the Easter Rising 

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Review of AUD by Xander Clayton – The story of a German Navy attempt to smuggle arms to Ireland for the Easter Rising.



Kings Regt on the Shakhill road



A Riotous time in Belfast: A military photographers record of a Belfast riot in 1970




Execution in the Dublin Rising: The soldiers who carried out the execution of the Easter Rising leaders

Shirehall Nottingham


Winter of Discontent and the Nottingham Shirehall: A strike story from the winter of discontent 1978/79


images (1)


Peter McGuiggan and C battery 78 Bde in world war 1Death of a soldier at the battle of Arras


16mm projector


A Cinema experience in Borneo A military cinema in the jungles of Borneo

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White women: The effect of white women on soldiers in singapore







Joining up: Joining the Royal Army Ordnance Corps as a Junior Leader





Advanced photographers course



Training to be a Military photographer with the Royal Navy:

Scottish adventures




With the Americans in Thailand – 1960’s a brief posting to an American Air Base involved in the Vietnam War.


Laundry and Bath Unit in Borneo



Borneo – a clean war?With the Laundry and Bath Unit at war


High Treason by Lavery





High Treason by Sir John Lavery: A description of one of the greatest legal paintings ever.


nupe badge



The Union Ballot – a poem.




Louis Brody


The Black guy who took on Nottingham City Council Nottingham s first public sector racial discrimination case

brothels of singapore





The Fleshpots of Singapore A soldiers view of the bars and brothel’s of Singapore


Lee Guk Hyun.



Veiled by Lee Guk Hyun A recently purchased disturbing painting






Review of Roger Casement Biography; Jeffrey Dudgeon’s definitive biography of Casement






images (2)


Twinkle Egan, Barrister, remembered


yosser hughes


Do you remember Yosser Hughes





Magnets not so attractive   Review from Edinburgh Festival of this Capella group




We Wer not amused   Review of Paco Erhard, German  comedian at the Edinburgh Fringe







A Braw Bricht Show    Review of Tam O’Shanter at Edinburgh Fringe






Joyced in Edinburgh A review of Joyced, a one person view of Ulysses






French Sleazebag Nailed on the Stage.   A review of the Presidential Suite at the Edinburgh Fringe, the story of Dominique Strauss Kahn



2012-08-08 12.07.36


Peploe Exhibition in St. Andrews  








Beckett’s “Watt”  at the Edinburgh Fringea review of the Gate’s production performed in Edinburgh







Adolf at the Fringe – A review






download (1)


1916 – 2016  How will the Four Courts commemorate?










Dream of the celt



Dream of the Celt by Mario Vargas Llosaa review of his book on Casement








Ruskin at the Edinburgh Fringea review of a performance of Ruskin’s Edinburgh lectures





History of the  Jazz Piano at the Edinburgh Fringea review







The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek at the Edinburgh Fringe – a review






Age of the Geek at the Edinburgh Fringea review





Jimmy Carr at the Edinburgh Festival   Sleazy comedy





Picasso and Modern British Art at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh





lavery 9


Scottish Portrait Gallery and the war paintings of Lavery




charity shop map edinburgh


Edinburgh Charity Shops



slave market



The Last Slave Market by Alistair Hazella review






Blood on the Streets by Paul O’Brien – a review





poster for ragged



The Ragged Trousered Philanthropistsa review




crab meat



A Chinese Banquet with the Chinese Ambassador



Collins index card


An Intelligence Index card from the Irish War of Independence




Upon being an Exhibit of Bueys (A Ruskin experience)


Crossing the Bridge by Rob Hain






Artistic approaches to the Forth Railway Bridge




SF Colour


Sherwood Foresters who died in Dublin





Joyce house ushers quay



Dinner at the House of the Dead


Oxford book shop_NEW




Oxford Book Shop Strike (Blackwells)


Marigold Hotel


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Native servants (A reflection on native servants)



poppy field




In Flanders Fields – translated into Irish






Kings Regiment on the Shankill Road – 1970



President Higgins


RTE have tarnished the Presidency






Queens School Rheindalen and the Profumo affair


Dublin Taxis


You will grow to hate Dublin Taxis





images (1)



Miners Strike – Nottingham – 1984








Titus Andronicus at the Edinburgh Fringe  



A Day at the Edinburgh Festival 






You all Know Me – I’m Jack Ruby – Edinburgh Fringe Review






The Fearless One – Nirbhaya (The Indian Bus Rape) at the Edinburgh Fringe







Buying Thatchers Family Home for the Working Class








Kick Ass Mugenkyo Taiko Drummersat the Fringe






Kierkegaard – the comedy for philosophers










Milton Jones at the Edinburgh Fringe






Art Exhibition – Artists investigate the boundaries of Privacy.





The Little sods from the 1st Monchen Gladbach Scout troop    






The Pleasures of Facebook – the story behind a WWII photograph  



 usher's hall   

Barry Humphrie’s Weimer Caberet              



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