Pinterest could be for you…


It’s about images. But it’s much more than just images. For example, if you “pin” and image to the site it is displayed on a sort of board with several option buttons. Like this:. typical-pinX You have probably “saved” the image to the board from some website or other you have visited and found interesting. Once saved, you fill in the caption space on the board. The option buttons include a “visit” button, and perhaps a “read” button. If one of your followers, or someone browsing Pinterest boards clicks on the “read” or “visit#” button they will be taken to the original article or website from which you saved the image. Here’s  a link to another  example of what a typical saved image looks like.   Try pressing the visit button and it should take you to a full article on the subject of the pin.. So you can see that this has great potential for saving and displaying not just images, but whole stories, articles, websites and background information related to your saved image. And it is soooo neat!

And it’s the principal reason that Pinterest has seen such saw incredible growth since its launch in 2013, now surpassing email as a sharing medium, and beginning to outpace Facebook.
Once you set up an account, which is free (and without any hidden or subsequent charges whatsoever) then you are prompted to create a pin board of images. First thing to do is browse or cruise existing boards, there are simply millions of them. Every conceivable subject under the sun will have a board dedicated to its author’s favorite subject. You like cats? Books? Philosophy? Survival techniques? Fly fishing? Knitting? Recipes? Stories and images from the holocaust? World War 1 and 2 ? photography?

I defy you to think of a subject not covered by someone’s pin board be it designing a bathroom, decorating a shed, understanding cameras or being in love with Van Gogh. It is endless,
My own interests centre on, but are not confined to, photography. Two sites I “follow” and steal images from are on “Combat Photographers” and “Military Photographers”     The difference between the two seems to be that the Military board deals only with photographers in uniform, those who serve with cameras whereas the Combat board includes embedded civilian photographers and those who work for newspapers and magazines and freelance their way with soldiers in action.
I recently opened a new “board” to display the odd bits of writing from my blog. In fact, I have always been a bit disappointed the way blog sites display your work, the contents pages are difficult and far too boring to navigate. On Pinterest, each piece of my writing gets a separate “pin” and the “visit” or “read” button takes you to the blog article itself. It’s a much more interesting way to display the contents of your blog and you also get a lot more hits! See for yourself:
Another option button that appears with each image, usually at the top of the pinned image, is the heart symbol which you press if you like the image or pin. This will automatically save the image to an automatically created “likes” board on your own pin board, so you can enjoy it at your leisure.

It should come with a strong caveat and warning. For Pinterest, as well as having such an abundance of diverse topics to explore also has a fair share of porn pins. They are separate from the subjects you might enjoy and explore with your family, but they are there.

They cater for any type of fetish and taste in porn you could possibly think of, and for every degree of sexual orientation. There are pages of pretty girls, fashion pages, lingerie pages, racy pages, raunchy pages and hard core porn images and giffs. If you happen to click “like” then the whole world, or at least everyone who follows you, will instantly know that you prefer Wagnerian breasted Bavarian bar maids with steins of frothy Bavarian beer and dressed in jackboots, leather knickers and perhaps a Sam Browne belt. I hasten to add that I don’t know if such an image is on Pinterest and this is merely an illustrative warning and has no connection with my own interests or preferences. Although I would admit to being partial to Bavarian beer and I am rather fond of Wagner. So be careful what you “like”
Another feature of your pin board is the ability to create “secret” pins saved to a secret board. When created, no one else can see the board’s contents except you. Its use is obvious. If, for example, you are a very macho aggressive heterosexual with boards full of survival kit and equipment, perhaps boards of guns and knives and boards of  unarmed combat techniques, but you don’t want people to know that you secretly collect knitting patterns, then the secret option is for you. I have a secret board myself. I use it to keep my pictures of Bavarian beer.
You can follow other people’s boards that you might find interesting. And of course, they can follow your boards. I follow the boards of several photographers who use Pinterest to display their work, wedding photographers, aerial photographers, portrait photographers. And I recently “saved” a pin from a survival site, on how to make a smoke bomb from a ping pong ball, some silver foil and a biro. Don’t ask me why. It may be that sometime in the future I just might need to make a smoke bomb, who knows? It seemed a good idea at the time. And I can always delete it later
I prefer to view Pinterest on a tablet. I have a Surface tablet and find that I can enlarge the images on the tablet with my finger and thumb but cannot enlarge the images on my phone laptop or PC. That, so far, is my only disappointment with the site.