The Alzheimer’s Carer

This is Stephen Gerard Scullion.  He is  a friend of mine.  A Facebook friend.   I have never met him, never had a coffee with him, never spoken to him.  All I know of him has been gathered from the posts he makes on his timeline.  He posted this image, only a few days ago,  on that very timeline.

Alzheimers  2

The Alzheimer’s Carer

Just look at  him in this daft silly image.   On the surface it is just that, daft and silly and those who know him made comments and observations about “Dads Army”, “It ain’t half hot Mum” and Benny Hill.

But I think it is a most beautiful and poignant image and I shall tell you why.

He is ex Royal Navy and retains a firm affection for the service.  He has an ex-serviceman’s sense of humour and indeed I started to follow him because someone shared with me one of his very funny posts.   They can be fairly politically incorrect at times and are all the more glorious for being so.   He also, occasionally posts images of beautiful women in bikini’s,  for no other reason than that they are beautiful, and that the women know they are beautiful and wish to share their beauty.  I rather like those occasional postings.

He lives in Felling which is in Gateshead, Newcastle, County Durham and he has a fine sense of the importance of local history and is for ever banging on about the history of the old Felling mining community to which his parents and grandparents belonged.   It gives to him, I think, his political values.  Another feature which becomes obvious if you make him a Facebook friend is his absolute abhorrence of any form of cruelty to animals and he has a fairly typical Facebook addiction of posting cute pictures of animals and funny pictures of animals but also, quite often, pictures of animals in distress as a result of cruelty and abuse.

But this image has little or nothing to do with such matters.   He belongs, and only mentioned it almost by accident, to a group of volunteers in Felling who visit care homes for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.  They dress up and perform and do silly things for the Alzheimer residents.   This is him, in his daft army uniform, ready to perform for the residents of the Marigold Court care home, you know, the one,  up by the ASDA store, near the Felling byepass.

Why?   The residents, who live in a condition of scattered confusion, are lonely, isolated, alienated and desperate, they won’t know who the volunteers  are, probably won’t know what they are doing and almost certainly will be unsure what is going on.    The best they can hope for, these volunteers, is perhaps a flicker of a smile, a spark of something remembered, a raised hand, a pointed finger, maybe nothing..   Perhaps some of the residents were soldiers once, or were married to soldiers or had sons and daughters who were soldiers, or just remember “Dads Army” on the tele.

It is hard work. Beautiful work, completely unselfish work, and without reward, or recognition.

And it makes this image a poignant and beautiful portrait.  It reminds us all, for all out  failures, doubts, insecurity’s and problems, with debt or relationships or  work, how good it is possible to be.  Of course it’s not technically, a great photograph. Probably taken on a phone and if that fierce man on Master Photographers, him with the blue glasses saw it, he would certainly be angry at the photographer.  But  it touches my heart.

In Westminster, some very rich very selfish person, who might have given money to the Tory party, will be honoured by the Queen.  Perhaps even ennobled so that they can have a say on the legislation which will govern the resources provided for the Alzheimer’s patients in Felling, County Durham.

I know who I would prefer to honour.

Stephen’s Facebookpage does not carry his own photograph.  Instead there is a photograph of his mother.   She suffers now form Alzheimer’s.


2 thoughts on “The Alzheimer’s Carer

  1. Words can not articulate how I feel right now, on seeing this article for the first time. It was quite a shock to see it, but it also shows me there are people like Milton out there who know of the importance of what I, in my own little way, and so many thousand more like me, are trying to do their bit to lighten someone’s dark days. As Milton says we have never met, but I am going to do Mymensingh utmost to remedy that in the future if I can, and share with him my sincere gratitude for highlighting the work that volunteers do in this great country of ours. From a vey humble Stephen, thank you,so much once again.

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