Sam Simmons – Spaghetti for Breakfast – Underbelly at Potterrow

1381-Sam_Simmons_Spaghetti_for_Breakfast_511_274_60_c1Sam Simmons is billed as being weird, surreal, absurdist and producing comedy that feels like it was created while drunk on absinthe. It’s a billing that is pulling in the festival audiences up at the Potterrow Uunderbelly but I suspect quite a lot of them, like me, leave thinking that was basically a load of over billed Australian crap.
He uses one of those head mounted microphones favoured by the likes of Madonna, really trendy. How weird is that? He shouts a lot and swears a lot. How surreal is that? He doesn’t tell too many jokes, now that is weird and he insults and exploits members of the audience sitting in the first two rows. How absinthian is that?
Shouting and swearing a lot is, I am told, a trait common amongst Australians. Not unknown amongst Brits. Even been heard of in Ireland. To make it on the fringe you have to work on your shouting and swearing. As we all know if you say “fuck” a lot then that’s very very funny. If you shout “fuck”, well, the louder you shout it the funnier it sounds. That’s the core value, the central structure around which he builds his act. Oh yeah, the other word he shouts a lot is “shit” Another key element of the shows structure.
The show was dire. There are a probably a couple of swear words that could be used to properly describe it but I wouldn’t want infringe his copyright.
We have had weird surreal absurdest comedians before. The best of them was in fact Anglo-Irish being none other than Spike Milligan. He really merited such a billing.


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