Eircom – Pygmies of the Broadband world

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My apartment needed Broadband. I needed broadband. Reason doesn’t really matter but in fact I needed it to read online cases and legislation in my work as a barrister. The apartment is in the city centre. Within sight of the corporate headquarters of Eircom. Eircom were advertising a fairly good broadband package. And as they were so close I contracted with them to supply and install broadband.

You would think that installing broadband less than a mile from their corporate headquarters, in the middle of the capital city would be a no hassle, straightforward affair. After all they employ some 7000 staff and their CEO (Dynamic looking bloke in the photograph) told a recent IBEC conference that they considered themselves the “Network for the Nation” And the area it was to be installed was thick with heavyweight business interests including Diageo, Huston Station, headquarters of the HSE to mention but a few.
Truth is eircom can’t deliver. Not in the centre of the capital. Not within one mile of the head office. I have now been waiting two weeks. No sign of the modem being delivered or the service being installed. Lost count of the phone calls made to find out what’s happening. No phone calls at all to me, all from me. No one knows. No one cares. Even wrote a letter to that CEO who thinks he runs a “Network for the Nation”. Hand delivered it too. But no response, not even an acknowledgement.
Perhaps using the word pygmies is a bit politically incorrect. What I mean is they are small, inadequate for the job, can’t see whats going on, don’t give a toss.