Titus Andronicus at the Edinburhg Fringe

The greatest power struggle ever staged.  Shakespeare. 

titus Assassination, murder, the ravishing of virgins, betrayal by mother, slicing off of hands and the tearing out of lounges, feasting a father on the flesh of his sons, revenge, honour corruption and  barbecuing your enemies face.   What authoritarian monsters what power hungry goths are called before us.  Why skinheads, who else. Tattooed, doc martined, imperial the red of their braces with flags of St. George, stamping and stomping their unbridled unchecked inclination to death and chaos and absolute power.

It works so well, this improbable idea brings a raw power to the sometimes difficult text of the play.   The skinheads are perfect.  They may well be the most articulate skinheads you are ever likely to meet but as storm troopers of the power struggle that unfolds they are astonishing.

If this performance, this interpretation of Titus and Andronicus, by Hirath Artistic Productions does not end up on the West End Stage or in a Television studio then a lot of talent scouts in Edinburgh have been wasting their time up here.

August 2013

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