Kierkegaard – the comedy for philosophers

kierkegaard-comedy-show-with-claus-damgaard_31549A comedy about the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard?   Got some balls those Danish!  First they invade us with their Vikings, then their detective/crime novels and now their comedians.

Claus Damgaard is the Danish funnyman, appearing at C aquilla, up by the castle, in a deadly serious, deadly funny interpretation of Kierkegaard’s existentialist approach to love, relationships and the meaning of life.

Attracting the more cerebral of festival goers, I mean who the hell has heard of Kierkegaard outside of the university philosophy departments, it is none the less a very clever very witty and very rewarding hour of the kind of comedy that will challenge you when you stop laughing and maybe make you look something up about Kierkegaard.  Damgaard may well be the advance guard of a new wave of invasions form Denmark, this time by their comedians..


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