Milton Jones at the 2013 Edinburgh Festival

mjones250Milton Jones? Surely an unlikely name.  Welsh I think.  Jones the poet perhaps.  If he writes poetry then you would have to buy it, for what he does with words, the associations between words, and the pauses between words, already makes him the laureate of comedy.  You would just have to read his poems.

His show at the Assembly Hall on the Mound is a delight of one liners and delayed action jokes that sneak up on you a few seconds after the punch line.  I could not recommend it more; he was sharing his wit with us rather than shouting it at us.  There was a great moment of heckling when a Scot called him an English Blaggard,   the audience took a collective intake of breath… “calm down” he said,” let me handle this”  He looked the heckler straight in the eye and said “shut up”

Only an affectionate wit could get away with it.  Oh yes, one other thing.   For the whole hour there was not a single use of expletives, not an F*** or a C*** or a W***** to be heard; and no sexually explicit gags or even overtly sexual innuendos.   Contrast it with Carr, reviewed here.   Milton was back to Brit humour at its finest.


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