Titus Andronicus at the Edinburhg Fringe

The greatest power struggle ever staged.  Shakespeare.  Assassination, murder, the ravishing of virgins, betrayal by mother, slicing off of hands and the tearing out of lounges, feasting a father on the flesh of his sons, revenge, honour corruption and  barbecuing your enemies face.   What authoritarian monsters what power hungry goths are called before us.  Why... Continue Reading →

Kierkegaard – the comedy for philosophers

A comedy about the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard?   Got some balls those Danish!  First they invade us with their Vikings, then their detective/crime novels and now their comedians. Claus Damgaard is the Danish funnyman, appearing at C aquilla, up by the castle, in a deadly serious, deadly funny interpretation of Kierkegaard’s existentialist approach to love, relationships... Continue Reading →


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