Jimmy Carr at the Edinburgh Festival

British comedy has never before, been this desperate:

“Your boyfriend asked you to piss on him? Ha ha ha ha guffaw guffaw Did you like it? Ha Ha Ha Ha guffaw Ha Ha:  He shows a slide of a  drawing of a man masturbating using the dead arm and hand of a man in a coffin, sperm spurting onto his coat: Ha ha ha ha guffaw, so funnie..: Anal sex is a load of shit, Ha ha ha, And it hurts like buggery, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha And it bores my wife ha ha oh ha ha oh guffaw guffaw ha ha: Heckle from audience “where’s your accountant?” Ha ha ha. He’s at your place fucking your mum. Ha ha ha ha guffaw ha ha. Go home and wipe the cum off her mouth: ha ha ha guffaw ha guffaw ha ha, what a put down ha ha ha bloody brilliant ha ha guffaw guffaw; Invites woman from audience to join him in a “playlet” she reads from prepared script. “ I want you Jimmy for your large fat cock” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . There’s a collection at the end for abused children he tells us. With every £100 we can buy their silence; ha ha ha guffaw guffaw ha ha ha ha .ha ha ha ha”.

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4 thoughts on “Jimmy Carr at the Edinburgh Festival

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  1. I am not in favour of censorship but there are some subjects not fir for humour. What kind of people are making this man rich? I believe Frankie Boyle is similar. I have not watched TV for a long time and have been living outside the UK for about 15 years. I am not tempted to return.

    1. Everything said before the word but doesn’t matter. I think he is very funny. I also believe there is no subject you can’t joke about.

      1. That’s OK then. I am not proposing to try to stop people making tasteless jokes – just saying I don’t like them. But I might laugh if they are funny. The ones quoted above are not funny to me and I might question why people find them funny.

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