CLINTON – THE MUSICAL: What a great idea. Sex, power, politics, sex, the white house, sex, lying, sex, impeachment, sex. And what fun they must have had putting together the lyrics and music for this one. They portray Clinton as two persons, or one person with two personalities, or maybe a schizophrenic. Anyway there is a nice rational friendly Bill and a horny oversexed political thug Bill and they dance and sing their way through the key years of Clinton’s Presidency with supporting roles for Hillary, Ken Starr, Newt Gingrich and others. Monica Lewinsky appears of course. A woman, a girl really, who, how can you put this? Goes down in history, goes down in the white house and goes down rather well in the musical. You may recall that Clinton did unspeakable things to her with a cigar. It was probably illegal for it is a criminal offence to have Cuban cigars in the USA. But it makes a great song.
I suspect this Edinburgh run of the musical will be the forerunner of a really major hit. There is a few tweaks to iron out but this is fun. And there is not a lot of fun in politics.

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