Magnets not so attractive.

The Magnets. Acclaimed international cappella group performing at the Edinburgh Festival where I am now ensconced for the month of August. My wife loves this show but for me they are not quite the attraction billed. It was too loud, too much bass, too much drumming. Ironic that the drumming was actually voiced, but nonetheless it was just as loud, as over amplified and as dominant as any real beefed up amplified disco beat machine. It destroyed the voices After it was over I just wanted to go somewhere quiet, to be massaged by soft acoustic guitars playing Clair de lune, to listen to “out of the blue” a proper cappella group, also playing in Edinburgh. I never want to hear the magnets ever again.


One thought on “Magnets not so attractive.

  1. What a shame you didn’t appreciate them, I saw them last night (Friday) and the whole place gave a standing ovation. Seems like your on you own in your opinion. They were magnificent…..

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