The Fascists are coming…

The fascists are coming.  New fascists, authoritarian, intolerant, ruthless. They will not be wearing brown shirts, nor, for Ireland, blue shirts*.  They will be clad in shirts of hemp, or perhaps suits of hemp; possibly green hemp, or maybe blue; not jackboots but comfortable footwear, eco-friendly, non-leather, organic.  They will be of the state, by... Continue Reading →

Notes on a lecture – “High Treason” The background to the Casement painting by John Lavery

Please note these are lecture notes designed for an illustrated lecture.  Not all the images used in the lecture are included in the notes and therefore the prose may appear a bit clunky at times.  The notes are probably more useful for delivery of the lecture than a straightforward read!    In the early months of the first world war,... Continue Reading →

With his long hair and gentle ways. The first anniversary of Gavan’s passing.

I flinch from cancer stories, avert my eyes, turn my head.  Avoid.  If it's on the radio I turn down the sound, on the TV, I change the channel.   It is all too painful, I fear I will be overwhelmed. I frequently am overwhelmed.  I have, we all have, lost friends, close friends, comrades, co-worker’s, family to cancer.  It has... Continue Reading →

Aye Elvis.

I went to see “Aye, Elvis”.   It was such good fun. It’s a  musical.  So poignant ,  I laughed tears and wept at the pathos.   A Scottish woman, leading desperately lonely life, looking after her wheelchair bound mother, working for next to nothing as a checkout girl at the local supermarket, not well educated but... Continue Reading →

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