The Rabbit Manifesto

There is an element of despair in remaining a member of the Labour Party.   The leadership campaign is utter vanilla, entirely without life.   The Tories always have more exciting and contested leadership battles, that’s a given, but this is tediously vanilla. I have been a party member for donkey’s years.  Always on the left.  I... Continue Reading →

The Fascists are coming…

The fascists are coming.  New fascists, authoritarian, intolerant, ruthless. They will not be wearing brown shirts, nor, for Ireland, blue shirts*.  They will be clad in shirts of hemp, or perhaps suits of hemp; possibly green hemp, or maybe blue; not jackboots but comfortable footwear, eco-friendly, non-leather, organic.  They will be of the state, by... Continue Reading →

Notes on a lecture – “High Treason” The background to the Casement painting by John Lavery

Please note these are lecture notes designed for an illustrated lecture.  Not all the images used in the lecture are included in the notes and therefore the prose may appear a bit clunky at times.  The notes are probably more useful for delivery of the lecture than a straightforward read!    In the early months of the first world war,... Continue Reading →

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