The Road to the Rising – The Big Personalities – Sir Roger Casement

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The Road to the Rising was an RTE History Festival held on O’Connell Street in Dublin on Easter Monday the 6th April.  Over 50,000 people attended, dipping into and out of exhibits, street theatre, lectures, music, re-enactments and the screening of historical films.  The Big Personalities series of lectures were limited to 20 minutes for each of the speakers.  this is the talk on Roger Casement.

It is 1915. Sir Roger is in Germany, as a guest of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Imperial German Government. He is engaged in a secret and dangerous mission on behalf of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. 1915 will not be his finest year but it is a year of great personal danger and risk.

He is not happy in Germany. He is isolated from the planning of the rebellion. He has no direct contact with Ireland and can only write and cable Dublin via America…

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The Last Remembrance

Powerful Stuff from Peter's Pondering. Chris decided long ago that he could no longer endure the Ceremony of Remembrance parades and services.  It was too much for him.  He knew that he would break down and weep copious tears, sobbing at all of the memories that he could not set aside.  He could never forget! Instead, each year,... Continue Reading →

Ave Verum Corpus

Loved this from allenriz Just had to reblog it. Ave Verum Corpus has often been described as one of the few perfect pieces of music ever written. It is a mere three minutes long and simple in musical structure but ranks among Mozart’s best works. Ave Verum Corpus (Hail, True Body), (K. 618), is a... Continue Reading →

The Shiny Suit

I bought a shiny suit.  It was sort of blue grey and shimmered as it caught the light.  The knife edge creases down the drainpipe trouser legs accentuated the shimmer.  It was gross, terrible, beyond bad taste. It was tonly the second suit I ever bought.   The first was when I had just turned 17. ... Continue Reading →

The Last dinner

Gavan was dying.  We knew it, Patricia and I, and James, his brother, all three of us knew it.   He was struggling with life itself.  But Gavan, he wouldn’t accept it.  He remained confident that the experimental drugs would work, that he would recover, that he would return to college, see his friends, that this... Continue Reading →

School Dancing

I was taught to dance at my secondary School.  In the gymnasium.   It was during P.T. sessions, when it was too wet or too cold outside to go across to the fields. The girls would form up on one side of the gym and the boys on the other.   We would be taught how to... Continue Reading →

Four Prosecution Lawyers

Four lawyers from the Roger Casement prosecution team.   In 1916 Sir Roger Casement, for his role in the Easter Rising, was prosecuted for High Treason and was found guilty and sentenced to death.   This portrait of the four lawyers is taken from the great canvas by Sir John Lavery depicting the appeal hearing of Casement... Continue Reading →

Roger Casement.

This is my first attempt at making a YouTube video.   It is on a subject I know well and ofter lecture upon, but embarking on the making of a video was quite a challenge.   First I had to master Powerpoint.   I would be pretending if I was to say that I have done that. Then... Continue Reading →

The Potato field Icon.

It is just perfect, perfectly appropriate, that this important 12th-century reliquary, an Irish Crucifixion plaque, should have been found, in of all places, an Irish potato field. But so it was.   And according to the notes of the archaeologist who found it, it was in the year 1844. I check my notes. Yes, 1844.   Just... Continue Reading →

Surviving the lockdown (1)

Gorgeous spring morning. Decided to take a late breakfast in the garden. Nothing special just a cup of tea, croissant, and a glass of orange juice.  Relaxing, reading the morning paper on my tablet, musing on life under lockdown. It lasted but a half hour before I was driven inside by the incessant unremitting cacophony... Continue Reading →

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